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How can I pay?
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All new customers can only sign up with automatic recurring payment per month or per year, depending on the chosen package.  This can be done via Direct Debit, PayPal or Credit Card.

The following payment methods apply to existing accounts:

  • Prepaid payments (for example, iDEAL)
  • Bank transfer
  • SMS
  • And more

All possible payments are listed while upgrading the package.

A bank transfer can be made to IBAN: NL17INGB0009594469 to Eweka Internet Services stating your payment reference: EWKUNxxxx (user ID number series).

Payment via SMS is only possible from the Netherlands with a Dutch provider.  The payment for 24 hours of Usenet Access costs 1.10 Euro + mobile provider costs.  SMS: EWKUN xxxx to 3669 (space between letters and numbers, xxxx is user ID number series).  You will receive an SMS return and a few minutes later your login details by email.

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