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Grabit - Windows
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Installing the GrabIt newsreader.

Before we begin we need to remind you that Grabit is a PC only newsreader and cannot be installed on Mac or Linux devices. 

1. Download GrabIt

  • To start download the most recent GrabIt release from its homepage.

2. Install GrabIt

  • * Double click on the Grabit installer, select the folder you want to install to and your desktop or quick launch icons options.

3. Initial Configuration of Your NewsServer

  • Now installed launch the Grabit application. On initial launch the GrabIt configuration wizard will appear. Enter the following information:
  • Host:
  • Username: your assigned username, you will find this in your welcome email as well as in My Eweka.  
  • Password: Your selected password. This is also the password for the website. 

4. Additional Configuration of Your NewsServer

  • If you wish you can begin downloading at this point. However we have not optimized Grabit for your specific plan’s settings. If you wish to continue with configuration settings follow below. 
  • Right click on the Default Server, this is at the top of the left hand column. 
  • Click on Server properties. 
  • On the server properties menu you can update your newsreader’s settings. 
  • Hostname: This was set in step 3 above.
  • Port: use port 443 or 563 for an encrypted connection and ports 80 or 119 for non-encrypted connections.
  • Username: This was set in step 3 above.
  • Password: This was set in step 3 above.
  • Check the Encrypted server connection (TLS) if you chose one of the encrypted port options above. 
  • Max Connections: Set this to the number of connections for your plan, you can find this in your welcome email. 

5. Click on to finalize your Grabit settings.

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