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Grabit - Speed Tips
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Updating the settings below can help you maximize your downloading and processing speeds, but may take some experimentation to find your best setting combination. If you are not seeing the download speeds you expected please try the following:

  1. For the fastest download speed, we always suggest using a wired internet connection rather than wireless wherever possible.

  1. Depending on your available RAM, you can set the Batch settings in Preferences->Batch. Adjust each setting based on your available computing and internet connection speeds. 

  2. NAS and HDD storage devices can take longer to write to than a local SDD hard drive. Review your folder settings to ensure you are saving to the most optimal location. This can be found in Preferences->Folders.

  3. The “Automatically Pause Patch” setting in Preferences->Advanced, will stop all downloading when your available disk space is too low. You can control the setting for available space here. 

  4. Error checking can add processing time and slow down your downloads. If you are on older hardware, consider deactivating the single and multipart error checks found in Preferences->Advanced

  5. Limiting your cache can free up RAM for processing. You can control your cache settings inside the Preferences->History

  6. Limiting simultaneous processing may speed up your downloads. An additional option is to prevent repair and extraction from happening at the same time as batch processing. You can find this option under Preferences->Repair and Extract. 

  7. We suggest deactivating the “Continue downloading on article not found error”. This can be found in Preferences->Advanced. 

Please note that due to differences in hardware, software and network, you may need to adjust multiple settings to find the best combination for your setup. Additional tips may be found in the Grabit forums

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