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Newsleecher - Speed Tips
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Your download speeds may be impacted by anything from your ISP speed to the choice of hard drive or amount of RAM.  By adjusting the following settings, you may be able to get faster download speeds out of the same hardware.  Please note that these settings may take some experimentation to find the best settings combination for your specific setup.

1. We always suggest using a wired network connection instead of wireless wherever possible.
2. To open access to the advanced settings inside click on Toolbox->Settings.  This will display the Advanced Settings menu. 

  • Click on View Advanced Settings.

3. This will display all possible settings within Newsleecher.  Don’t worry, we will guide you on what specific settings to adjust below. 
4. Destination Folders Settings

  • Solid state drives (SDD) are faster than NAS or spinning disk based drives (HDD).  Saving to a location on an SDD drive will speed up download processing. 

5. Download

  • If you know your internet connection’s speed limit, entering that number in this location will help allow Newsleecher to focus processing power elsewhere. 
  • Moving small articles to the top of the queue may speed up downloads.  Select this option and set the size within the Download section. 
  • Download Scheduler 
  • You are able to limit or pause Newsleecher’s bandwidth usage by time of day and day of week within the scheduler. 

6. Group Browsing 

  • While Group Browsing settings may not speed up downloads, these settings may speed up your use of the Newsleecher interface.  Set to preferred options. 

7. Interface 

  • Newsleecher can be set to auto connect at launch via the Launch Settings checkbox.  

8. NZB Files 

  • Use the Auto Import Scanner setting to specify an NZB watch folder.  All NZBs you add to this folder will be automatically added to Newsleecher. 

9. Repair / Extract

  • Selecting the Postpone RAR Extraction While Downloading checkbox will prevent your computer from performing extraction and downloading at the same time.  This may improve your overall download speed.

As noted before, due to differences in hardware, software, and networking, your settings may need multiple adjustments for the most optimal settings.  Additional information can be found in the Newsleecher forums. 

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