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Eweka offers a speed of 50 Mbit/s per Usenet account. Of course, the maximum speed also depends on the subscription you have with your Internet provider. A lower speed can be caused by a number of reasons. We advise that you check the following items:

NOTE: The speed is also influenced by the quality of your (network) equipment.

  • Have you turned off the modem (and/or router) or disconnected it from its power supply and turned it back on after a short while?
  • Does your anti-virus software and/or firewall prevent you from reaching maximum speed? Deactivate the anti-virus software and/or firewall temporarily and check the difference in speed.
  • Do you use 8 connections? You can use a maximum of 8 connections (threads, bots, lines) with Eweka.
  • Does your news client automatically repair or decompress in the background? You may want to deactivate this functionality.
  • Are other processes running on your computer that require a large amount of processing power, use the hard drive a great deal and/or utilise the Internet connection? This can have a negative influence on your speed.
  • Are other people in your household using the Internet connection?
  • Are your account details used (without your permission) by others? Possibly change your password here.
  • Is there a technical fault or is your Internet provider carrying out maintenance work?
  • Please take into consideration that a wireless connection can have a negative impact on the speed. Often the maximum speed is not achieved because it depends on the reception quality. In order to ensure the optimal speed, it is better to use a hard-wired connection between your computer and the modem/router.
  • Check the speed of your Internet connection at
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