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Error 400 (Your per user connection limit reached)
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You receive this message when you try to establish more than the allowed number of connections at the same time.

Do several people use your account details?

You can establish up to 8 connections with Eweka. Please check whether you have more than the permitted number of connections set-up in your news client, or if your account details are perhaps being used on a different computer.

Does your anti-virus software and/or a firewall impede the connection? If necessary, temporarily deactivate your anti-virus software and firewall.

Newsleecher: Newsleecher attempts to quickly recover hanging connections, which Eweka interprets as a new connection. You can modify this in Newsleecher: Options > Connections > Set 'Reset hanging connections' to 120 seconds (the default setting is set to 60 seconds).

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